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Sorry Kylie Jenner, and, some lip tips…

I was delighted to appear with adorable newswoman Alex Holley on Fox29 Good Day here in Philadelphia a few weeks ago to demonstrate how to get full-looking lips like Kylie Jenner without the injections that she totally had.

Here are the tips I shared before I went to the on-air spokesperson dark side (watch all the way to the end, do not ever do this on network TV, and….. I crack myself up sometimes!):

1.  Prep lips with water before applying lip balm, Vaseline or whatever you use.  Putting these products on already dry lips won’t do you much good.
2.  Dark colors work best for those with fuller lips, and will make thin lips look even thinner, sad, Goth, etc.
3.  To make lips look full, use a lip liner one or two tones deeper than your natural lip shade.  I often line lips after applying color – less drag, less chance of overdoing it.
4. Less than full lips look better in light-to-mid-tone pink, peach or rose shades.  Full lips look good in any shade.  Bitches.
5.  A bit of gloss in the center of the lower lip will add fullness.  I love me some clear gloss.

Thanks for putting up with me, Alex and Fox29.  No offence, Kylie Jenner.   Less hope, more wisdom.