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This is a beauty blog for grown up women, for those who feel overwhelmed, confused and frustrated by the cosmetics industry and its millions of products.  That’s us – otherwise sophisticated women who are continuously misled by magazines, websites, and blogs that profit from promoting make-up and skin care products and waxing poetic on their magical properties.

We’re supposed to be wiser when we get older.  But I’ve met plenty of well-educated and worldly women who still think that La Mer will turn them into Jennifer Lopez.  That whatever blush is used by another unreasonably good looking and well-lit celebrity will do the trick because a magazine article assures it works “on everybody.”  It doesn’t, but you’ll probably buy it anyway.

Here offered are bits of beauty wisdom for you, some sage advice from a woman your age (me) with nothing to sell you (yet … never say “never”).  My guiding principles:

  1. The relentless pursuit of anti-aging is irrational, futile and really tiring.
  2. If there were such a thing as a “best” cosmetic, we would all be using it and the multi-billion dollar industry of beauty as we know it would collapse.
  3. Without a lot of fuss, make-up can help you look as good as you are wise.


I am not a dermatologist or a magician.

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