WTF is up with all this contouring?

I suppose, like everything else that’s unfortunate in make-up these days, the extreme contouring trend started with a Kardashian.

But the truth is, make-up artists have been contouring their clients since the dawn of time (I know, I was there).   For the lay person, make-up is about controlling light, and using tones from light to dark to subtly enhance bone structure, or to diminish or add fullness.  For everyone on Instagram and YouTube, it’s about turning yourself into a completely different person, and apparently, that person is Kim Kardashian.

Of course, the beauty industry has run with this trend, producing mountains of specialty contouring products and brushes to go with them.  Try not to get caught up in it, unless you live in a photo instead of the real world.

Less hope, more wisdom.

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