Don’t: bright eyeliner

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I can hear Patricia Heaton’s make-up artist saying something like “We’ll do electric teal liner underneath the eye! It is so on trend!!”

Patricia Heaton, an Emmy Award winning actress, probably relies on stylists to get her ready for public consumption.   Make-up is probably not the main concern in her life and that’s okay.  But I don’t like to see women become victims of beauty trends that don’t work for them.

This was not a successful look for Patricia.  The too bright eye liner is all we can see, like a little blue train wreck.  As with any other discoloration (redness, darkness under the eye, blemishes), it’s distracting.  A deep eggplant would be about as colorful as I’d go here, so that we see her pretty eyes, instead of being held captive by her liner.

In spite of the marketing, there is no point in owning an eye liner this bright, unless you’re me, and if I have such a pencil in my kit, I almost never use it.  And neither should you.  If you bring something like this to me I will throw it out.

Thanks for inspiring this post, Patricia Heaton.  Call me.

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